New Video: VT Dairy Workers Demand Dignity and Respect from Ben & Jerry's

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The word is spreading across the nation:

VT dairy farmworkers are publicly calling on Ben & Jerry’s to meet and negotiate an agreement that will secure the rights of dairy workers in their supply chain. And thus far CEO Jostein Solheim has refused to meet with the dairy workers who put the cream in “Vermont’s finest Ice Cream”. 

Migrant Justice just released today a snapshot of survey results focusing in on conditions on the 38 of Ben & Jerry's farms that we surveyed in their supply chain. The results show that workplace conditions are actually worse in Ben & Jerry's supply chain as compared to the overall survey results.

Farmworkers Call for National Day of Action Demanding Ben & Jerry's Stand for Dairy Farmworker's Rights

"Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand. It never did and it never will."-Frederick Douglas












On May Day a powerful grassroots movement of Vermont dairy farmworkers marched in the streets of Montpelier, VT with hundreds of workers and allies demanding Vermont step up its commitment to workers' rights.  Farmworker leader Enrique Balcazar told a crowd of supporters that dairy workers are fed up with wage theft, dangerous working conditions, no time off, substandard housing, and no enforcement of their rights. He offered farmworkers' solution:

"Join us for a national day of action on June 20th calling on Ben & Jerry's to take responsibility for these conditions in their supply chain. They've stood up to protect cows and chickens but not farmworkers! We need Milk with Dignity!"

Farmworkers Call on Ben & Jerry's to Stand Up for Dairy Workers' Rights in Supply Chain!









Stay tuned for a May Day Milk with Dignity on-line petition and exciting national call for future summer actions at Ben & Jerry scoop shops across the nation!!!

Vermonters, join farmworkers on May Day!!

When: May 1st, 11:30 am-2:30pm

Where: Montpelier May Day Human Rights March, meet at City Hall 11:30, march to State House

What: Bring Empty Plastic Milk Jugs--fill it with rice and join our rockin' Milk with Dignity Brigade!

If you can't come: Stay tuned for petition launch, social media blitz, and summer national day of action announcement on May Day!!!

Registehere to join us on May Day and get more info about the whole day here.